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Global Lithuanian Economic Forum 2016

Three Sides of Lithuania: Merge or Split? Vision of the Political and Economic Development of Regions After 2020

Global Lithuanian Economic Forum (PLEF) is the only visionary event in Lithuania where public authorities and independent experts present the future of the state and their dreams of it and world-famous Lithuanians share their insights.

First organised in 2009, the annual Forum has already taken place in Vilnius, Chicago, London, and Tel Aviv. Every year, PLEF attracts prominent Lithuanian and foreign representatives of business, politics and culture from several dozens of countries.
The goal of PLEF is to unite Lithuanians from all over the world, to communicate, cooperate, improve, encourage interest in one`s own country and create the future of Lithuania.

Participants are welcome only with the invitations, no event tickets on sale.

If interested in attending the event, please contact the organizer “Idea Prima“ :


Insights presentations and ideas about the future will be presented by world famous Lithuanians: from historians, political scientists, economists to Lithuanians living in different parts of the world, who are ready to share their vision for the future Lithuania.

Adviser of CEO and chief economist at SEB Bank, scientist, lector and professor of Social science at Vilnius University Business School.
Gitanas Nausėda

SEB CEO Adviser

President of world Lithuanians community, who has lived in Germany, for more than 15 years. Actively participates in world Lithuanians events, unites people and encourages nationality, cherishes culture and Lithuanian values. Dalia Henke also is a member of Lithuanian community in Germany and  previously was the president of World Youth Organisation
Dalia Henke

PLB President

One of the creators of Lithuanian Community in Israel “Nerija”. Actively participates in social, cultural and leisure time activities, unites Lithuanians living in Israel, encourages nationality, works as a volunteer at Technology Hub platform of Lithuania, which has the main goal of improving economic growth and innovation in Lithuania and Israel.
Rima Blumenzon

Creator of Lithuanian Community in Israel

Doctor of Social science, worked at Oxford and United Nations (Japan) Universities. PhD got at University of Washington. Working as an active journalist who has cooperated with national press of Lithuania and international journals for many years. At the moment works at Bath University (UK).
Ainius Lašas

Doctor of politics and social science. Bath University, United Kingdom.

Jurgis Didžiulis in Lithuania is well-known for being a multi-instrumentalist, artist, songwriter, producer, activist and public figure who was born and raised in Colombia.
Jurgis Didžiulis

Songwriter, performer, activist

Professor Alfredas Bumblauskas is one of the best historians in Lithuania, creator of History theory and Culture history department at Vilnius University, laureate of Lithuania National Culture and Art award.
Alfredas Bumblauskas


Attila Havas PhD is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and regional editor of International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy.
Attila Havas

Economist, researcher

Lithuanian doctor of Political science who was born and raised in USA, CEO of Vilnius tourism and business company “Go Vilnius”, professor at Vilnius University Communication Faculty.
Darius Udrys

CEO at „Go Vilnius“

CEO at “MOSTA“, the company works on research and analysis of the studies and politics.
Jurgita Petrauskienė


Associate Professor at ISM University of Management and Economics, has been teaching a variety of courses including: history of economic theories, principles of economics and social responsibility, ethics in global business. Originally coming from Bavaria/Germany, has been living in Central and Eastern Europe for the last ten years.
Maik Huettinger

Doctor of Economic Science

CEO of internet platform development company “Wix“. Three years ago, when Monika Laukaitė started the creation of “Wix”, she has gathered a very  talented team and lead the company towards major success in Lithuania‘s IT sector.
Monika Laukaitė

CEO of „“ Lithuania

Aivaras Abromavičius ­is a well known politician and investor. He served as Ukraine's Minister of Economy Development and Trade (2014-2016) and been a partner at East Capital (2002-2014). Aivaras has dual Lithuanian- Ukrainian citizenship.
Aivaras Abromavičius

Previous Ukraine Minister of Economics, citizen of Lithuania and Ukraine

CEO of investment company “INVL Technology“, has more than 20 years of supervisory  experience in ICT sector, interested in spread of cyber security.
Kazimieras Tonkūnas

CEO of investment company „INVL Technology“

CEO of Association of Regional Development Agencies in Finland, previously worked at Finnish Science Park Association. Has a long time experience in international business, creation of innovations and strategies.
Jaakko Helenius

CEO of Association of Regional Development Agencies in Finland

Journalist, political reviewer.
Rimvydas Valatka

Journalist, political reviewer.


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